How to avoid those ‘additional’ charges with Restricted access Piling

I’m sure you will all be familiar with the following scenario. 

You have a project which requires restricted access piling, so you post the job on an enquiry board and/or send an email out to every piling company you know.

Then when you receive quotes you immediately begin looking for that magical figure, you know the one which says ‘Total cost’ or something similar.  You take note of it and then compare against all the other quotes to find the lowest one.  Then you have your ‘winner’; or have you?

How Much?

Skip forward to the completion of the piling and, low and behold, you receive the ‘final bill’ from the piling contractor who gave the lowest quote.  The final bill will look quite a bit different to that of the original quote, and it is safe to say the words ‘How much!’ will be uttered.

Now you enter into the difficult and onerous situation of negotiating a settlement figure which can be very time consuming and affect your cash-flow status and even with the best negotiating skills in the world can mean you pay significantly more than you expected to which will impact upon your bottom line.

So How Do You Avoid This Scenario?

To avoid receiving a final bill which is significantly higher than anything you have budgeted for you need to ensure you choose the right piling company. The right piling company will provide you with a realistic quotation based on experience and not on guess work.  You should ask the following questions when reviewing a piling quotation to ensure that you choose the right piling contractor.

  • Experience – does the contractor have extensive experience of piling in similar environments to your project? If not your timetable may suffer delays.
  • Equipment – Does the contractor actually own the right equipment and, more importantly, is it in a good state of repair? If not then your timetable may suffer delays and costs may increase if hire charges are incurred.
  • Availability – Can the contractor guarantee to meet your timetable? Will they have the teams and equipment available to start and finish when you need?  If not then, yes you guessed it, your timetable may suffer delays.
  • Assurances – Can the contractor guarantee that the work will be carried out to your specification and to the highest quality attainable? If not you may incur after care charges or clean up charges.
  • Customer service – Will the contractor work WITH you to keep your costs as low as possible and provide free advice and remedial work during and after the project?
  • Guarantee that the cost of the piling will be for the most practical and economical solution for your project.  If not then you may be charged much more than you expected.


By choosing the right contractor first you can avoid paying over the odds once the work has been carried out.

Feel free to call us on 8448 50 20 50 and ask us the questions above and we will do our best to ensure we are the ‘Right choice’ for your piling projects.  Or take a look at some of our case studies here.