70 Bed Care Home in Little Bookham, Surrey

Metnor Construction Ltd had secured a project to build a 70 Bed Care Home along with 5 Close Care Apartments in Surrey.

However after reviewing the ground conditions, which revealed that they were unsuitable for traditional strip footings, Metnor Construction Ltd began to research what alternatives were available and if any would be suitable to fit their tight schedule and budget.

Charlie Parsons, Senior Estimator at Metnor Construction Ltd, contacted All Foundations after talking to an engineer, Gerry Evans from HCD Eng Ltd, who was overseeing a different care home project where All Foundations were already utilising our Level Innovative Piled Solution (LIPS).  ‘I was interested to see if this LIPS option could deliver the cost savings we required and meet with our very tight work schedule’ Charlie stated when he contacted All Foundations.

Metnor Construction Ltd required a piling and foundation solution which could deliver the high level of efficiency they required to keep their workflow costs low and deliver a solid foundation in difficult ground conditions, far quicker than other more traditional piling solutions.

All Foundations were very happy to talk to Charlie and the Metnor Construction Ltd project team, led by Shaun Kent, Contracts Manager, regarding how our LIPS solution could provide them with the foundation solution they required.  After meeting with them and reviewing the proposed site All Foundations proceeded to compile a competitive quote that would allow Metnor Construction Ltd to not only use our LIPS solution to reduce construction costs and time but also make use of our piling expertise to develop a contig wall, with 17 meter deep piles, allowing for a basement to be developed under the care home.

Metnor Construction Ltd were very happy with our ability to meet all of their foundation and piling need as according to Shaun ‘The All Foundations team provided a professional service using their LIPS system which allowed our project to remain on schedule and within budgetary constraints, I would not hesitate to use them again for future projects.’

The All Foundations LIPS option was deemed to be the very best option for the scheme due to its ability to provide a solid foundation base capable of supporting multi storey buildings whilst dramatically reducing and in some cases negating a number of construction costs.

In addition to reducing traditional construction costs the LIPS option allows for a more streamlined construction programme and ensures that projects remain on time due to its ability to be implemented far more quickly than other foundation options.  This allows for more prudent planning and reduces the cost of downtime for follow on trades.

For more information on LIPS click here or call us to discuss how LIPS can help reduce your foundation costs.