LIPS is Ideal For 3 Storey Timber Framed Apartments

Project scope:

Demolition of two detached dwellings and replaced with two blocks of 3 storey timber framed apartments.

Due to the close proximity of a number of trees and subsequent roots, P W Roxburgh Building Contractors decided to approach All Foundations with a view to determine if our Level Innovative Piled slab (LIPS) solution would be more suitable than traditional foundation methods.

After discussing the project in-depth with our Head of LIPS, Mike Dorman, it became clear that LIPS would be the best option for the foundations from both an economic point of view and an environmental one.

All Foundations Solution:

Mike Dorman began designing a bespoke solution incorporating both the LIPS element and a number of CFA piles, provided by the CFA division of All Foundations. After lengthy review of the information Mike and the LIPS design team comprised a design to install a 225mm non-voided, reinforced concrete slab to the plan areas of both apartment blocks. 

By using a non-voided slab solution all tree roots would be protected and the reduction in the number of piles required would ensure minimal disruption to the natural environment of the site.  One of the major advantages our LIPS solution has over more traditional methods is that it can be deployed in very close proximity to trees and within root matrices.

Implementation & Handover:

As LIPS enables numerous time saving measures, the entire foundation aspect of the project only took 15 working days, this saved P W Roxburgh Building Contractors a significant amount of time and money.

Due to the experienced site personnel and equipment used, the All Foundations project team were able to complete the work well within the contractual period and presided over a seamless handover process, early.

Client Feedback:

Phil Roxburgh, Director of P W Roxburgh Building Contractors, was very happy with the foundations supplied and would not hesitate to use it again in future developments “This is the first time I have used All Foundations and their LIPS system and I was impressed, both with the cost savings achieved and with the professional manner in which the LIPS crew delivered their foundation solution.  I will certainly consider using LIPS again for future projects.