New Council Offices in the Talbot Gateway

All Foundations were chosen to provide the piling solution to the new council offices being built in the Talbot Gateway based on our past experience in designing bespoke solutions to innovate construction projects.

This resulted in All Foundations installing 150 bearing piles as part of the phased development using our state of the art CM50 CFA rig.

We designed 450mm and 600mm piles for working loads of 800kN and 1000kN respectively using Eurocode 7.  This enabled All Foundations to provide cost savings in pile lengths when compared to traditional design methods using overall factors of safety. The pile lengths varied from 12 to 18 metres, terminating in the lower glacial till.

All Foundations carried out pile settlement calculations to show predicted values of less than 5mm at DVL, which were later verified by statistically load testing 1% of working piles.

The total subcontract duration was 3 weeks with a contract value of £92,016.

The key to the succesful completion of this project was all parties engaging with one another at a very early stage and All Foundations being given the flexibility to provide an innovative and cost effective piling solution.