New Direction + New Investment = New opportunities

All Foundations has recently undergone a change in direction.  This not a knee jerk reaction to anything topical in the news, rather it is a well-researched decision to maximise our potential by utilising our resources to fully benefit our clients.

This change has resulted in a wide array of new opportunities, some expected and some, well, are a very nice surprise.  

What prompted the change?

We have been analysing current construction trends for some time now and we realised that whilst we were growing as a company, we were not fulfilling our potential or allowing our clients to fulfil theirs.

Therefore after in-depth discussions with a number of stakeholders, both internal and external, an action plan was formed to implement the change plan. 

So what has changed and how does it benefit our clients?

First, we identified a number of opportunities through which we could enhance our offering to clients.  The result was the purchase of two additional Casagrande B175 XP piling rigs alongside a comprehensive site personnel training plan.

The increased investment in both our plant and personnel has resulted in an increase in resources which has ensured that we operate more efficiently across more projects.  Hence we now have more opportunities open to both us and our clients as a result of the change of direction.

We are now proud to say that since the change was implemented, we have been privileged to increase our success with project tenders.  We are now operating across more sites than ever before with both new and existing clients.  In addition we have made investment a top priority to ensure that our capabilities continue to match and exceed the changing requirements of our clients.

To benefit from our enhanced piling services, simply ask us to quote for any and all projects for which you are tendering for.  If you have not used ourselves before then you will be impressed at our ability to meet your needs, and if you are an existing client then see what else we can provide you with, including even more competitive rates.

Simply email with your project details and we will help you win your tender or reduce your piling and foundation costs on secured projects.