North Promenade, Lytham St Annes

The redevelopment of this Care home facility consisted of a replacement building with a single storey basement to house kitchen and service facilities below ground level.  Piling was to take place alongside the existing home, which was to remain fully occupied throughout the redevelopment.

All Foundations installed 97 linear metres of basement retaining wall in the form of contiguous 450mm diameter piles at 600mm centres.  The complete waterproofing of the wall was to be provided by a fully tanked membrane. 

All Foundations looked at two possible design solutions.  The first was a cantilevered wall which would allow unhindered bulk excavation to the underside of the slab level.  The second option required a temporary prop at ground level until the basement slab was cast and cured and able to afford support.

Both options proposed by All Foundations were fully costed and presented to the client for consideration. The second option to install a temporary prop was chosen by the client due to the fact that it was more cost effective and quicker to install as the piles were shorter and more reinforced.  The use of modern hydraulic props, spanning horizontally across the basement width, meant that access for excavation work was consistently maintained.  The propping also controlled capping beam deflections to more accpetable levels on elevations against the existing building.

By utilising our state of the art Soilmec CM50 Rig and advanced CFA methods we were able to reduce noise and vibration to well under the specified constraints.

The total piling duration was 2 weeks with a sub contract value of £54,100.