Restricted Access Piling for Mezzanine columns

The Project:

A leading logistics company wished to retro-fit a 4-storey mezzanine floor within a 30,000m2 distribution centre. The recently completed building had a working headroom of 13m with restricted access measuring 4m high by 2.8m wide.  The column loads of up to 1100kN could not be supported by the ground bearing floor slab.

The Requirements:

  • 366 No 600mm diameter CFA piles for mezzanine columns carrying up to 1100kN compression and 220 kN shear load
  • To ensure that the integrity of the existing floor slab was not compromised
  • Completion within a strict timeframe and sequence to permit phasing of other trades
  • Headroom restrictions of 13 metres and width restrictions of 2.8 metres
  • Operate within Health and Safety guidelines alongside multi-trade personnel
  • Adhere to a strict programme and sequence of work, installing an average of 12 No pile supports per day in aggressive ground conditions

The All Foundations Solution:

All Foundations used its design knowledge and experience of working in similar conditions to proactively plan for each stage of piling required.

Due to the aggressive ground conditions our Restricted Access Team opted for an intense work pattern utilising one Soilmec PSM-16 rig with revolving teams to ensure that pile productivity was optimised.  Utilising this methodology we were able to exceed the designated target of an average 12 piles per day by achieving an average of 16.  It is only due to our significant resources and experience that we were able to apply this measure and implement such a complex and intensive piling plan.

The Result:

Piling works were completed on time and to the extremely tight timeframe.  The integrity and finish of the existing floor was maintained and follow-on trades were not delayed by the piling work.