Restricted Access Piling Mini rig piling

Mini & Restricted Access Piling

Our mini auger rigs are compact and easy to manoeuvre and have the ability to work in restricted access environments with widths as narrow as 760mm and headrooms as low as 2500mm.  We offer mini pile diameters from 100mm to 600mm using a range of piling techniques including:

  • Sectional Flight Auger (SFA)
  • Open hole Auger (OHA)
  • Hollow Stem Auger (HSA)
  • Temporary Cased Piles
  • Bottom Driven Steel Cased Piles
  • Odex Drilled and Cased Piles

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Continuous Flight Auger Piling

CFA piling is now one of the most widely used systems, being economical and versatile, and suitable for most ground conditions and loading requirements.  It is also one of the quietest forms of piling and is largely free from any discernible vibration.

We design and construct CFA piles from 300mm to 750mm diameter and up to 25m deep.  Our fleet of 5 rigs are all operated by experienced drivers and fully instrumented to monitor and record the installation process.

Most of our rigs are Soilmec CM50 or similar with one being a Soiltek S60 which is ideal for smaller sites where piles are no more than 600mm in diameter and 10m in length. This rig is quick to set up, uses less room than others to manoeuvre, and requires only a light duty piling platform.

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New Piling Method LIPS - Level Innovative Piled Slabs

LIPS (Level Innovative Piled Slabs)

LIPS  (Level Innovative Piled Slab)

LIPS is a proprietary piled raft system which provides a one-stop foundations solution, resulting in a clean and safe surface for follow-on trades to commence the next stage of works.  An extremely versatile product, it lends itself well to both single and multiple plots of any size. It is fully customisable and can be adapted to suit varying land gradients and all ground conditions, with or without the influence of heave. We have previously constructed LIPS for a diverse range of projects within both the public and private sectors, including housing, offices, schools and hospitals.


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Rotary bored Piling, Retaining walls, rotary secant piled, contiguous piled retaining walls

Bored Pile Retaining Walls

We design and install both contiguous and secant pile walls using CFA and mini piling methods. 

The design and choice of system and method is dependent on ground conditions, degree of water retention,  retained height required and whether propping is possible in either short or long term conditions.

For secant walls we offer hard male and firm female interlocking piles and we install a scalloped guide wall to ensure the required interlocks are achieved.

Site Investigation Services

Site Investigation Serivces

Due to our unique partnership with Borehole Solutions Limited, we can now offer to carry out Site Investigations for you across the length and breadth of the UK.

With a diverse and extensive fleet of drilling rigs and equipment, coupled with highly experienced personnel we can tailor a Site Investigation to your specific needs.

Serives include:

  • Window Sampling
  • Concrete Coring
  • Cable Percussion
  • Engineering & Reporting

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Driven Piling Contractor

Driven Steel Tubular Piling

We drive thin walled steel tubes using internal drop hammer rigs or Grundomats.  Pile tubes are welded in sections and the internal hammer drives against a gravel plug at the base of the lead tube.  Once the design length or installation set is achieved, the tube is filled with concrete and a reinforcement cage is placed.  Pile diameters range from 100 to 300mm depending on ground conditions and the specified pile loads.  Since the rigs are small and compact this process is effectively another of our mini piling systems suitable for restricted access situations.

Alternatively where space permits, we can top drive thick walled steel tubes using larger hydraulic drop hammer rigs.  The steel tubes are driven in sections and jointed, with only the top being filled with concrete to provide a connection into the pile cap.

duplex drilled piling, odex drilled piling, drilled piling contractor, drilled piling

Odex and Duplex Drilled Piling

Where piles are required to penetrate rock or hard material we can construct small diameter drilled piles using down - the - hole (DTH) rotary percussive hammers with compressed air as the flushing medium using either Odex or Duplex drilling systems.  Piles are formed in grout and the pile casing can be either temporary or permanent depending on ground conditions and specification.

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With our extensive knowledge of piling in areas with restricted access, we are able to offer a range of designed underpinning solutions to arrest movement in structures suffering from subsidence or to upgrade existing foundations where an increase in load bearing capacity is required.  Where appropriate, structures that have subsided differentially may be jacked back to level.

Ground Beam Contractor

Ground Beams

All Foundations offer a comprehensive Ground Beam service where we  provide our clients with a bespoke in-situ ground beam cast on site and to the exact specifications required.  We operate this way as it reduces exacavation needs and helps to minimise costs to both ourselves and our clients, it also helps reduce carbon emissions due to less waste being transfered to landfill.

We offer a complete design and installation package of piling with ground beams so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Pile Testing

We carry out integrity testing of piles as well as static and dynamic load testing depending on project specific requirements.