Supported Living Accommodation - Saffron Walden, Essex

East Thames Housing Association identified a real need for the development of new ‘Supported Living Accommodation’ for parents of children and young adults with specific needs.  The site at Everitt Road in Saffron Walden in Essex was deemed to be the most suitable for such a development.

Due to the unique shape of the site, East Thames wished to develop an aesthetically pleasing building which would, itself, lend aid in creating a harmonious environment for all residents.  Therefore the building was designed in a fan shape rather than a traditional two storey terraced building. 

The front of the building was required to be a focal point and as such was designed in the shape of a rotunda.  The aesthetically pleasing design meant that many traditional forms of foundations actually became very expensive and difficult to utilise due to the curved shapes required.

Due to the unique needs of this development, Borras Construction Ltd, the main contractors, realised that they required a foundation system which could meet these requirements.  In addition East Thames Housing Association wished to adhere to its Affordable Housing Strategy and their key objectives which needed to be met by the construction process:

  • Affordable special needs housing
  • Environmental sustainability
  • High quality, well maintained housing of attractive design
  • A good quality of life for the tenants
  • Accommodation that meets the needs of a diverse community

Introducing LIPS

Borras Construction therefore turned to All Foundations and our Level Innovative Piled Slab (LIPS) solution.

LIPS is ideally suited to meet the specific needs of this project due to its environmentally friendly and sustainable processes.  These processes actively reduce the carbon footprint through the minimization of any and all spoil removal and allow LIPS to work in close proximity to trees, without damaging roots or causing distress.

Providing a solid foundation in the desired shape for Borras and East Thames was no challenge for LIPS as it is a highly flexible solution which is easily configured to meet practically any shape of foundation.

Len Harvey, Contracts Manager for Borras Construction, describes why LIPS was the chosen solution for the bespoke foundations. ‘Borras has used the LIPS solution numerous times in the past for more difficult and unique construction projects and it has always delivered each and every time.  Therefore as soon as we saw the specs for this project we immediately called up All Foundations to see if they could once again provide us with their LIPS.’

Len was once again not disappointed, ‘The LIPS team were once again professional and worked hard to ensure that the foundations were delivered on time and within budget.  Yes there were a few snags here and there, as there are for any site, but all were resolved quickly with no negative impact on the work programme.  I would not hesitate in using LIPS for future projects as it does exactly what it says on the tin.’

The solution:

All Foundations installed 50 13m deep 300dia piles using a mini piling rig, due to access constraints, and then proceeded to install a 225mm thick non voided reinforced concrete slab to an area of 293m2 in a shape designated by the client. 

The entire process was completed in just 2 weeks allowing for the speedy introduction of follow on trades.

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