Tower of London (Middle Drawbridge)

All Foundations (UK) Ltd installed load bearing piles using restricted access piling equipment, as part of the planned replacement of the existing Middle Drawbridge at the Wharf Side of the Tower of London, bridging the Thames Wharf to the Main Tower Wall.

Working in conjunction with the Historic Royal Palaces and the close watching brief of English heritage, piled foundations had been designed to allow the existing and weathered drawbridge to be replaced with a fully functional raising and lowering timber bridge, of similar design to its original structure, but to match its last replacements design in 1914.

Working from the bottom of the Tower of London’s dry moat, 8No 300mm diameter CFA piles were installed to a depth of 14.0metres using our “Kitten” restricted access piling rig. Piles were drilled into the predominant London Clay sub-strata formation and were constructed / cast using site batched sand / cement grout. All plant, materials and pile reinforcement were HI-AB off loaded 4.0m down into the moat area, from the existing cobbled Thames Embankment thoroughfare, allowing for strict public protection and full banks man controlled traffic management.

Piling works were completed in December 2013, within a strict 1 week programme requirement and thus allow the main contractor to complete the construction and placement of the new timber bridge structure in time for their 2014 New Year hand over. Full completion of the bridge replacement in turn allowed for the Tower of Londons to continue with its preparations for their flagship 60 year celebration of remembrance to World War II and their infamous “Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red” – Ceramic poppy day celebration.